Calabria's hills are full of olive groves 

The territory of this fascinating region has something special: its hills are full of olive trees.

And their presence is so strong we could think it is dense vegetation.

Nothing more wrong!

The work of planting and maintain the olive trees, including the harvest, is huge and involves entire Calabrian families.

Yes, olive trees need lots of care to produce their fruits.

calabria olive grove

The time to harvest olives in Calabria

Olive trees are usually harvested in October and Novemberdepending on the weather conditions in order to harvest the fruit at the best time.

If you visit Calabria during the olive harvest, you will see local people participating in this annual ritual.

This because it is considered essential to get the highest quality from their olives.

Calabrians strongly believe that when you taste the freshness of their oil just harvested and smell its intense fragrance, you’ll understand how wonderful this healthy product is.

And yes, it doesn’t compare with anything you’ve ever tasted before!

olive harvest

Today, olive growing is the fundamental sector of agriculture in the region.

In terms of income, it represents 25% of gross salable production.

There are more than 160,000 Calabrian olive farms.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil del Feudo

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Its purity and potent high phenol content are believed to provide exceptional anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity, removing harmful compounds from the body.

These antioxidants are also responsible for the rich, robust flavor. 

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Slow Food Tour Made in Calabria

For those who would like to experience picking olives and seeing them transformed into liquid gold, our Slow Food Tour is right for you. 

Slow Food Tour is a journey that includes a combination of rural traditional experiences.

During the trip, you will learn about the production of traditional wines, walk through fascinating old Calabrian towns, taste the genuine local food and much more.

slow food tour calabria

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