Discover the Authentic Charm of Azienda Agricola Ceraudo in Calabria

Azienda Agricola Ceraudo isn't just a farm; it's a guardian of Calabria's agricultural legacy.

Experience the essence of Calabrian agriculture at Azienda Agricola Cerraudo, a family-owned gem nestled in the captivating landscapes of southern Italy.

Explore the rich traditions and sustainable practices that make this farm a beacon of agricultural excellence.

Azienda Agricola Ceraudo stands as a testament to the time-honored farming practices of Calabria.

Discover a legacy of generations, preserved and nurtured by the Cerraudo family, offering a genuine connection to the region's agricultural heritage.


azienda agricola ceraudo

Savor the Flavors of Calabria's 

From sun-soaked olive groves to fragrant citrus orchards, Azienda Agricola Ceraudo cultivates native crops that define Calabria's culinary identity.

Indulge in the exceptional taste of extra virgin olive oil, wines, and aromatic herbs, each embodying the essence of this bountiful land.

Delight in the renowned olive oil of Calabria, meticulously crafted at Azienda Agricola Ceraudo.

With a commitment to quality, the family's carefully tended olive groves produce exceptional extra virgin olive oil, a true embodiment of Calabria's distinct terroir.

azienda agricola ceraudo

Azienda Agricola Ceraudo And Sustainable Farming: A Promise to the Future

Azienda Agricola Ceraudo champions sustainable farming practices, harmonizing modern agriculture with nature's rhythms.

Through responsible soil management, water conservation, and biodiversity preservation, the farm exemplifies a commitment to safeguarding the environment.

Immerse Yourself in Farm-to-Table Bliss At 

Indulge your senses with guided tours through olive groves and vineyards at Azienda Agricola Ceraudo.

Discover the journey from farm to table as you savor tastings of olive oil, wines, and other delectable products.

Immerse yourself in the rustic charm and authentic experiences that this farm offers.

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