Italy's concept of Halloween

Halloween is referred to as All Saints’ Day (or Ognissanti) in Italy.

The celebration is filled with various events and costume parties throughout Italy.

The Holiday begins on October 31 and goes through November 2.

We know it well: modern-day Halloween traditions are mostly American inventions.

However, the concept of Halloween itself is much older and does originate from Europe.

In fact, it is known as All Hallow's Eve to celebrate the night before All Saints' Day.

How Italians celebrate Halloween 

So, how do Italians celebrate Halloween?

Much like in America, but on a much smaller scale.

Halloween costumes and decorations can be found in shops and stores throughout October.

In bigger cities you will see decorations and people dressed up in the evening.

Kids are dressed up as well and head out for trick or treat.

Halloween for kids in Italy

On the 31st of October, children celebrate Halloween at school or friends’ houses during the day.

While in the evening, they walk along the town streets for a spot of dolcetto-scherzetto (trick-or-treating).

kids halloween italy

Corinaldo, the Capital of Halloween

Corinaldo is a small village in Le Marche and is considered the Capital of Halloween.

Not even 5000 people live in what is considered one of the most beautiful borghi d'Italia.

During Halloween, the village turns into a magical world of fantasy thanks to local art shows, concerts, pumpkins, witches and skeletons hanging from houses and electrical cables.

Skulls, coffins and cobwebs bring visitors into the world of terror.

Fear and the desire to have a Halloween-themed party reign supreme.

Furthermore, there are also many other towns in Italy that have celebrations on October 31 with traits that are similar to Halloween as we know it today. 

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