In Sila, time seems to have stopped

The fact that Calabria is a beautiful region is not a subjective concept.

It is also supported by many world magazines such as the "National Geographic".

According to this famous magazine, in Calabria there are a number of places worth visiting at least once in your life.

But in addition to the scenic and naturalistic beauty it is established that in Calabria there is an area where you can breathe the cleanest air in Europe.


sila calabria

What if we tell you that in Sila you can breathe the purest air in Europe? 

t’s called Sila, and it’s a beautiful National Park, which reaches an altitude of 5905 feet.

On top of the National Park, there is an area that holds the record for the cleanest air in Europe.

Thanks to air emissions, low population density and favorable climate, Sila becomes an unknown planet made of cleaner air.

Analyses were carried out by the European Union, which have confirmed this record.

And... in fact, breathing in peace and with full lungs in Sila is a guarantee.

This is not a small piece of news considering that the analyses have scientifically revealed that the air present in that area is even cleaner than that of the Svalbard Islands, near the North Pole.

Moreover, this enchanting National Park is composed of majestic trees and one can also admire wild animals and berries, collect strawberries and mushrooms.

national park sila calabria

What are the other reasons to visit Sila in Calabria?

Well, Sila is a relatively undiscovered beauty.

However, more and more visitors arrive each year to Sila.

It is the ideal place for an epic picnic filled with loads of food from local delis.

As for activities, depending on the season, Sila offers many hiking and walking opportunities.

Spring and fall are great for some horseback riding and there are many stables in the region.

sila in calabria

Furthermore, Sila is also a place for snowboard and ski lovers.

Usually, there is snow enough from December to March, although the peak months for snow differ from year to year.

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