Most Italian olive oil is produced in Calabria

Did you know? Italy is the second-largest olive oil exporter in the world and one of the leading EU olive oil producers, together with Spain and Greece.

In fact, Italy uses about 1.1 million hectares of cultivated land with olive groves growing all around the peninsula.  

It is estimated that about 82% of Italian olive oil is made in South Italy.

68% of this is made in Puglia and Calabria. 

olive grove italy

Nowadays Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be found on almost every shelve of American supermarkets.

However, there is no possibility to know the real quality and origin.

In fact, "Italian product" does not necessarily mean that the olives are grown or pressed in Italy.

It means that they have been packaged there.

Learn to read labels and store olive oil correctly

Learning to read labels correctly can give some useful information.

A good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil made in Calabria should be grown, pressed and Calabria. 

This should be indicated in the olive oil's label.

Let's clarify what pressed means...

...Well, pressed indicates that the producer has not used heat to extract the oil from the olives.

Adding heat allows the producers to extract more oil, but at the same time, heat  destroys flavors and aromas.

Furthermore, if stored correctly, away from light and heat, your bottle of Calabrian oil will not become rancid during its time in the kitchen.

Tastes and colors of good Calabrian olive oil

The colors of Calabrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil can vary from green to yellow.

The variation depends on the level of chlorophyll which is present in the olives at the moment of pressing.

With reference to taste, Calabrian olive oil always has a "fresh" taste on the palate, however, it can also be floral, fruity, buttery, herbal etc...

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil del Feudo

We at Made in Calabria Italy have decided to opt for a unique olive oil, from which derive all the benefits that Mother Nature has entrusted to.

It's called Olio del Feudo.

This tastefully olive oil is made by a small local family farms in Calabria you won't find anywhere on internet.

This local farm produces the highest standard of extra virgin olive oil and comes in Limited Edition.

Why we have chosen Olio del Feudo

Considering that generally olive oils' biophenol are around 220 (which is considered high), biophenol detected on olio de Feudo is of 546. 

Having said that, the purity and potent high phenol content are believed to provide exceptional anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity, removing harmful compounds from the body.

The fact that olio del Feudo has a biophenol rate of 546 makes this oil a healthy product, a must-have in your kitchen to use in your meals.

And what about the flavor? The flavor is rich and robust.

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