Jarring tomatoes, an Italian tradition

Some cultural traditions are hard to break. 

One of these is jarring tomatoes, a family event that takes place in September all around Italy.

During this time, Italians gather outside their houses or garages, pulling out their full equipment, and get ready to "fare le giare" (jar tomato sauce).

jarring tomatoes italy

A late summer ritual

September means the tomato season is coming to a close, and Italians like to preserve the freshness of these vegetables by jarring them!

In fact, it's unlikely that in Italy people buy store tomato sauce.

On the contrary, basements are always stacked with what is called passata (pot of sauce).

The day Italians jar the tomatoes, they are ready to sweat through the late summer heat.

It's a very long ritual so they are prepared to a long day of stirring, washing, rinsing, cutting and boiling.

This also in order to preserve the tomato’s flavor year-round.

jar tomatoes

However, nobody ever complains, as everybody loves to take part in the ritual.

A reason to get together

Jarring tomatoes is a reason to get together, to work together, to laugh and to enjoy the day together.  

This is the reason why it's such a beloved ritual that even children and teens want to attend.

How to use canned tomatoes

As said, Italians put their canned tomato sauce in the basement.

However, it can easily be frozen too.

Canned tomatoes are used in many recipes during the winter months, from pasta to pizza and much more (read our recipes madeincalabria here). 

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The producers follow the growth of the tomatoes with care and love, from the first to the last step, all the way to our tables.

salsa del casale

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