Calabria named TOP 50 in the world to visit in 2022

US magazine TIME has recently released its list of the world's 50 TOP places of 2022.  

A network of international correspondents has composed the list "with an eye toward those offering new and exciting experiences".

According to Time, the 50 destinations are "thriving, growing and changing, charting a path to economic recovery and "investing in sustainability".
And we are proud that Calabria region was named one of them. 
calabria top 50 world destination


In particular, Time, after describing the beauty of the region, focuses on the project "Coast to Coast", a trekking route that connects the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Sea, carried out by an association of Pizzo. 

"The meandering  trail takes hikers through olive groves, mountain pastures, deep forests, and small villages, with stops in towns famous for their wine, smoked ricotta cheese, and a spicy spreadable sausage known locally as ’nduja."

Calabria is the only Italian destination that the well-known US magazine has included in the 2022 edition.

«The region - read the article -  that crosses the tip of the Italian boot, hosts breathtaking beaches, beautiful mountain views, ancient hilltop villages and a unique and spicy cuisine».

The World’s Greatest Places Of 2022

The special issue entitled "The World’s Greatest Places Of 2022" is a guide that intends to suggest readers international destinations «not to be missed».

«Reading the words of Time about Calabria is an emotion. We are lucky to experience a beautiful region, with extraordinary potential. It is our duty to do our utmost to enhance the wonderful heritage represented by our excellence». So the Senator of "Viva Italia", Ernesto Magorno.

calabria TIME

Other World’s Greatest Places Of 2022

Jamaica, Galapagos, Miami, Bogotà, Istanbul, Copenaghen are just few included in the list. 

The destinations on the list are great examples of only some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

calabria time

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