Calabrian hot chili pepper Diavolicchio: curiosities and uses 

Diavolicchio is one of the most cultivated chillies plant and is also the hottest variety of chilli peppers typical of Calabria.

It's name derives from the word diavolo (meaning “little devil”) because this pepper is meant to be hotter than hell.

In fact, one bite of it will fire tingling your lips and palate.

It boasts an incredible fresh scent and is able to give a strong and spicy taste to first and second courses.

Also, this hot chilli pepper gives life to an extra good spicy oil if combined with local extra virgin olive oil



Shape and cultivation of Diavolicchio

The feature of this spicy fruit is the elongated shape.

Slightly curved inwards, it can reach six centimeters and ends with a pointed tip. .

The leaves are dense but not particularly large.

Cultivating Calabrian hot chili pepper Diavolicchio is similar to other peppers.

In fact, it is quite simple to grow and the plant can stay both in and outdoors.

If outside, it would benefit of a large pot with rich and composted soil and exposed to the warm sun.

Obviously, it can be planted in a vegetable garden as well.

The seeds need to be planted from March to April.

In addition, don't forget to irrigate very regularly.

Chili Festival in Diamante

Did you know that the sea village of Diamante (province of Cosenza in Calabria) is the perfect destination for chili and spice lovers?

Every year the town holds the "Italian Chili Festival", the 5 day event dedicated to the typical Diavolicchio chili pepper.

In this occasion, chili pepper lovers have the possibility to know the history of this fruit and to discover all of its varieties. 

Folkloristic groups and street artists enliven the coastal town, the boardwalk and riverside.

diavolicchio diamante

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