In spring, nature awakens in Calabria

Spring is perhaps the best time of the year to enjoy Calabria: the chill of winter has passed and summer’s sweltering heat has not yet hit.

It’s a period of mild temperatures across the region. 

Nature awakens in all its splendour, with the scents and colours of Calabria pervading all the senses.

spring in calabria

lavender crops in Calabria

Nature dresses up, wears bright colors, yellow, lilac, and releases the most intense scents of the Mediterranean maquis.

You cannot miss the broom, the flowered clover, the flowers typical of spring.

However, spring is also the season of new flavors in Calabria.

Both fruit trees and fields start to offer up their gems therefore, fresh food abound on the home tables and restaurants.

Calabria has everything you could wish in spring: the sea, which already allows to spend pleasant days at the beach and take the first bath.

Calabria and its spring gastronomy

Calabria is a genuine region, as genuine are the products of gastronomy.

Cured meat begins to have reached a good seasoning.

Sheep’s cheeses taste better than ever, because animals feed with soft and fragrant spring herbs.

spring calabria 

On the table of Calabrians there are simple products, with high nutritional content.

Until June, it is possible to collect artichokes with which excellent preserves of olive oil and vinegar are prepared. 

The same is done with asparagus and wild fennel.

And then there are broad beans to be enjoyed with homemade bread, various salami, such as sopressata to be accompanied with a good glass of wine.

Spring in Calabria means unspoiled nature, medieval villages and beautiful scenery

Calabria is one of the sunniest regions in Europe.

With over 310 sunny days a year, you will find a Mediterranean to subtropical climate, which is characterized by low rainfall, hot summer temperatures and mild winters.

Spring average temperatures in Calabria rise over 68°F.

Therefore, spring is the best time of the year to visit the traditional hilly or fishermen villages in Calabria.

It is also the nicest time to do trekking on the mountains. 

Also, in spring it is possible to enjoy the warm (but not hot) sun surrounded by beautiful views of the crystal clear sea and the white sandy beaches of the Calabrian coast. 

calabria in spring

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