Easter Colomba and chocolate eggs in Italy

Italian Easter Colomba and egg are two things that are synonymous with Easter celebrations in Italy.

Colomba is shaped like a dove, which represents peace and is a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Eggs, on the other hand, are a symbol of new life, which is what Easter is all about.

In this article, we will discuss the history and tradition of Italian Easter Colomba and chocolate egg and how they are intertwined with the Easter celebrations in Italy.

The history of Italian Colomba 

The history of Italian Easter Colomba dates back to the 6th century when a Milanese baker created a cake in the shape of a dove to commemorate the baptism of King Alboin.

The cake was originally called "pane di Alboino" (Alboin's bread), and it was made with the same ingredients as panettone – the traditional Italian Christmas cake.

Over time, the cake evolved and became known as Colomba (dove) due to its dove shape.

It is customary in Italy to give Colomba as a gift during the Easter season.

The cake is often beautifully packaged and decorated with ribbons and other embellishments.

It is a way of showing love and appreciation to friends and family during this special time of year.

Italian Easter Colomba

The tradition of Italian Easter chocolate eggs

Chocolate Easter eggs are another popular tradition in Italy, especially among children.

Italian chocolate Easter eggs are often quite large and are elaborately decorated, making them an impressive and highly coveted treat.

Many Italian chocolate Easter eggs are filled with surprises, such as small toys or trinkets, making them even more exciting to receive.

The surprises are often hidden inside the egg, requiring the recipient to crack it open to discover what's inside.


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