What is Bergamot?

Bergamot is a fragrant critrus fruit that is native to Italy

It is thought to be a cross between sour orange and lemon, and its production is mostly limited to the province of Reggio Calabria in southern Italy.

Depending on the ripeness, the fruit has a yellow, orange or green color.

Bergamot is a small tree that is in season from October to March like most citrus. 

It tastes less sour than lemon, but more bitter than grapefruit.



What are the benefits of Bergamot?

Various studies show that bergamot has a number of health benefits.

- Reducing cholesterol

Studies have shown that bergamot may educe overall and “bad” cholesterol and it also helps increase “good” HDL cholesterol.

Depression and anxiety relief

Although essential oils are not able to cure depression and anxiety, aromatherapy blend that includes bergamot helps with symptoms in older adults and people with terminal cancer.

 - Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Bergamot is rich in flavonids and therefore, supplementing with bergamot oils have demonstrated anti‐inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and wound healing activities under different conditions.

It may lower blood glucose, and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, the fruit has antioxidant properties.

benefits bergamot

How to take bergamot

Bergamot is too bitter to be eaten raw, but is available in many forms, including liquid extract, pills or capsules, powder, juice and jam.

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