Where is Calabria located?

Hi, and welcome to our new blog post about Calabria region in Italy.

In this blog, we would like to share some details and information about the geography of the region, the most important highlights such as towns, villages, sea, mountains, culture and curiosities.

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So, let’s start with a key question: Do you know exactly where Calabria is?

If not, here is the answer.

Calabria is one of the 20 Italian regions and is located literally at the toe of Italy’s boot. 

According to wikpedia, “It is bordered by Basilicata to the north, the Gulf of Taranto to the east, the Ionian Sea to the south, the Strait of Messina to the southwest, which separates it from Sicily, and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west.

The region has almost 2 million inhabitants and covers an area of about 5,877 sq mi.

The coastline measures almost 495 miles and is partly sandy and partly rocky, with turquoise sea water.

Calabria geography

What is Calabria famous for?

Calabria is famous for a number of things:

  1. culture
  2. art
  3. cuisine
  4. traditions
  5. sea
  6. mountains
  7. rolling hills
  8. national parks
  9. wild nature
  10. antique towns
  11. medieval villages and much more.

As you can see, it’s a region to be discovered and which has a lot to offer.

The typically Mediterranean climate ensures mild temperatures for most of the year, although it is not unusual to see snow on the mountains.

How do I travel to Calabria?

Calabria is well-connected by the international airports of Reggio Calabria and Lamezia Terme, as well as by the domestic airport of Crotone. 

Regarding long-distance trains, depending on what city you're coming from, they run from major Italian cities like Rome, Naples and Milan all the way down to Reggio Calabria Centrale. However, there are also regional trains that run along the coast.

Also, tourists can go to Calabria by boat.

For instance, if you travel from Sicily, there are short crossings to Reggio Calabria.

When is it best to visit Calabria?

Calabria is definitely a popular summer destination for Italians.

But winter is also a very good time to visit Calabria, especially for those who like to practice winter sports.

We know, it is hard to believe that one can ski in Calabria in winter.

But believe it or not, there are 4 ski resorts in Calabria: Gambarie in Aspromonte, Camigliatello Silano, Palumbosila and Lorica in the Sila mountains.

Calabria ski

Calabria, the ideal place to slow down

In Calabria, one has the opportunity to step back in time as time seems to have stood still..

Therefore, do not go to Calabria with a list of things to do.

On the contrary, here you have the possibility to slow down, breathe the sea or mountain air, take an afternoon nap when everything is closed and go for a slow walk through the typical villages and towns.

Enjoy this enchanting, magic region.

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